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Provide outstanding technical support with ICG Web Solutions

ICG Web Solutions provides advanced contact center solutions and strategic business intelligence. Through our talented and skilled team of agents in Europe, we help our partners increase customer retention, sales, and increase market share.

With more than 5-year experience, we specialize in quality calls, technical support, and helping companies expand into the world market. With our progressive business model, ICG Web Solutions provides up to a 70% savings over U.S.-based call centers, all while improving quality. In addition to our bilingual support, we’re known for our accent-neutral support in English and a deep understanding of American culture.

We understand how vital customer support is to the success of your company.

ICG Web Solutions has a long history of developing customer service strategies that turn this cost center into a powerful sales tool. With customized solutions for each of our clients, we have proven results improving customer retention and turning service calls into new sales opportunities.

Some of our common customer support services include:

  • Billing Issues
  • Shipping inquiries
  • Customer complaints
  • Basic troubleshooting

We operate our contact center in Kiev, Ukraine, providing technical support solutions in English. We are PCI and HIPAA compliant and ensure all our programs meet necessary regulations.

Whether you are looking for technical support using traditional voice services, live chat, emails, social media, or text messaging services, you can rely on ICG Web Solutions to provide a high-quality experience for your customers.

Why you should invest in a professional Contact Center Facility:

  • Focus on your CORE business and leave your calls to us! – Spend your time more productively by letting us focus on providing your customers outstanding support.
  • Forget about recruiting – Just tell us the profile of your agents and we’ll do the rest. We provide the highest quality training to make sure everyone’s on the same page.
  • Train the trainers – With us, you just need to train one group. After that, our team will develop training material and methodology to keep training new recruits.
  • Handle seasonality. Most businesses experience periods of high and low call volume. Centris’ workforce management system allows us to be prepared and hire more agents or reduce your seat count depending on the season.
  • Diversity – Having more than one contact center is handy when the unexpected happens. ICG Web Solutions has two locations that can handle each other’s calls during snow storms, heavy floods, power outages, strikes, or other unexpected situations.

Let ICG Web Solutions help you expand into the Worldwide Market and support your customers!

  • Accent Neutral Support

    Our agents are fluent in English for clear communication.

  • Deep Understanding of American Culture

    70% of our agents lived in the U.S. and bring a strong understanding of the culture including slang and other cultural references.

  • Expert Recruiting and Low Turnover

    We recruit and employ top-notch agents who love what they do. Our turnover rate is one of the lowest in our industry!

  • PCI/Hitrust Certified/HIPAA Compliant

    We meet the payment card industry and healthcare industry data security standards

  • 24/7/365 Support

    We are available to assist your customers every hour of the day and every day of the year.

  • Flexible Staffing and Call Volumes

    We can increase or decrease your seat count depending on seasonality and other factors.

  • Convenient Location

    Our centers are located close to the EU and they are on duty 24/7 making it easy to work in a similar time zone and convenient for making quick trips to the contact centers.

  • Disaster Recovery Plan

    With two locations, ICG Web Solutions has the diversity needed to keep operations open if the unexpected happens.

ICG Web Solutions agent

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